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Welcome to the Solo Biz Coach Small Business Roundtable. This is a place for you to,

  • read the articles that I discovered this week that I think will help your business
  • network small business owners
  • share ideas, share great articles that you read this week, your accomplishments, and anything else you think other small business owners would be interested in
  • ask questions or discuss a problem you have been facing in your business.

Please feel free to share an article that you wrote this week that you think the other people in the roundtable would be interested in. Let’s talk with one another. Let’s help each other to make our businesses better.

Here are my favorite articles from this week:

Enough of me, I want to hear from you. Please share in the comments below.  What is the best thing you wrote or read this week?  Do you have something to brag about?  Do you have a questions, that I can help with?  Let’s have a conversation.

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