Welcome to my Side Business Series. If you would like to earn extra income or start your own business, then this is the guide for you. My goal is to make this the best guide on the Internet for starting a side business.

I have said this before, but my side business changed my life. I love the extra income, but more importantly my side business reinvigorated me. I have uncovered so many passions that I never knew I had: entrepreneurship, coaching, blogging, social media, SEO, and the list could go on and on.

After hearing about my side business, many people confide in me that they want to quit their jobs and start their own businesses; they always lead by saying they want to quit their jobs. But, this does not have to be an either or proposition. You don’t have to quit your job to build your own business: in fact, building a business while you stay at your day job is the best way to build a business.

The best way to start a business is by starting it in your free time. Use you full-time job to fund your side business. Then, once you have built it, you can decide whether you should quit your job and become a full-time business owner.

This Side Business Series will teach you how to build your own side business so that you can eventually turn it into a  full-time business if that’s your goal. Otherwise, if you just want a side business with no intention of leaving your job, then this guide will be perfect for you too.

Here’s my current thinking on the posts for this series.

  1. Why Every Should Start a Side Business
  2. Three Foundational Pillars to Choosing a Great Business Idea
  3. Make Money in a Bad Economy
  4. How To Find Time To Start a Side Business
  5. 7 Tips to Accelerate the Growth of Your Side Business
  6. Is Your Great Business Idea Great for You?
  7. The Do’s and Don’ts of Starting a Business: When You Are Broke
  8. 5 Great Side Businesses for College Students
  9. Starting My Own Business – (my side business story)
  10. Second Income: The Best Diversification Strategy for Ordinary People
  11. How To Find Your Calling
  12. Build a Business Around Your Life
  13. How to Find a Profitable Side Business Idea
  14. 9 Questions You Need to Consider Before Starting a Side Business
  15. Legal Entity Selection for Small Business Owners
  16. Best Tax Savings Strategy – Start a Side Business
  17. Don’t Get Fired From Your Day Job
  18. Top 10 Business Opportunity Scams You Need to Avoid
  19. No Business is Worth Losing Your Family
  20. The Second Income Safety Net
  21. My Favorite Types of Side Businesses
  22. How to Develop a Business Plan
  23. How I Grew My Business Using Outsourcing
  24. Great Side Business Ideas for College Students
  25. Best Direct Sales Businesses
  26. Business Insurance 101
  27. Ultimate Productivity Guide for Business Owners
  28. Top Tools and Resources for Business Owners
  29. Entrepreneurs: Crazy, Selfish, and Ungrateful
  30. 100 Business Ideas You Can Start Today
  31. Things To Consider Before Leaving Your Job
  32. The Ultimate Personal Finance Guide for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  33. Fears in Becoming a Full-time Entrepreneur
  34. When Can I Go Full-Time?
  35. How to Go From Employee to Entrepreneur

I as am sure that I will make many additions to this list once I begin writing my way through the topics I want to cover.

If the are any other topics you would like me to cover, please email me your suggestions at fred@solobizcoach.com or leave a suggestion in the comments below. I am writing this series to help you so if there is something you want me to cover, please let me know.

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