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Welcome to the Online Business Roundup at  Better late than never! This roundup was created by scouring the web in order to bring you the best articles of the week in Business, Online Business, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Writing, SEO, Freedom, Education, Life, Productivity, Personal Development, Careers and Social Media.

Online Business, Business, Marketing, and Internet Marketing

Small town retail ideas Part 1—helps to explain the new way Americans are thinking and spending

1001 Serial Articles for Entrepreneurs & Startups – great advice from one of my favorite bloggers

Social Media, Blogging and Writing

10 Effective ways to Use 1 Piece of Content – an easy way to help keep your site relevant with new content the easy way

Personal Development

The World is Built on Discipline – written for college freshmen but has relevance for those in the business community

55 Ways To Be Creative  –ideas about thinking outside the box so you can expand personally and professionally


Advice on How to Become a History Professor – Insight to the secret world of academia

How to break into becoming a college professor – you must love to learn and to teach, then you have a chance with the right degree


Back in the USSR (You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are) – accurate satire about Putin, the Boss of Russia

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