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Online Business, Business, Marketing, and Internet Marketing

50 Job Resources for Makers – define yourself, then with this article will help you get to where you need to be

Start Your Business Debt-Free- debt is serfdom

The 4 Components of a Compelling Elevator Pitch – an old idea that should be remembered and used more often

Social Media, Blogging and Writing

7 Ways Interviews Can Skyrocket Blog Growth – good traffic generator by bringing in those that follow the people that you interview

How to choose your blogging software—WordPress is used for good reasons, learn how to maximize this platform

5 Useful MySQL Queries for WordPress—making your platform help you

20 Ways to Master Google+ — I love Google+. Please connect with me on Google+

Personal Finance

Ivy League Millionaires – you might be surprised

Personal Development

Tackling Stress @ Work in a Less Than Cozy Economy – a relevant article that can help you cope with stress while working


If Engineers Were to Rethink Higher Ed’s Future – maybe the engineers can solve the problems at the higher education institutions, but they will have to take a pay cut

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