Welcome to the Online Business Roundup at SoloBizCoach.com.  This roundup is designed to bring you the best articles of the week in business, online business, blogging, SEO, careers and social media.

Online Business, Business, Marketing, and Internet Marketing

Want Your Copy Read? Try Yale’s Top 10 Power Words – how to effectively use 10 words in attract more visitors to your site

How To Get Your Product In Retail Stores – start getting your products into stores

How One Blogger is Making $20,000 a Month on Her EBook – excellent guide for writing a profitable ebook

The Top 100 Small Business Podcasts of 2011 – I love podcasts

Gear I Use to Run My Business From Anywhere… – I love these posts that talk about the tools business owners use

How to Write and Sell a Successful Ebook – nice ebook guide

Become a Freelance Travel Writer – who wouldn’t love to get paid to travel

Social Media, Blogging and Writing

21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog Up for Massive Success – ideas are great but action is the path to success

Become a Blog Post Curator – make your blog posts more interesting

Search Engine Optimization

Rankings Hit By Panda Farmer: Tonight at Six – More about the dreaded Goggle Monster

Crafting Perfect SEO Meta Title Tags for Your Blog Posts – make sure your site is SEO optimized

Careers, Productivity and Work-Life Balance

7 Tools to Reduce Stress in the Work-Life Merge – reduce your stress today

How to Succeed at a Job Interview – getting yourself noticed and remembered

How and Why to Become a College Professor – I often think about becoming a professor

17 Tips to Double Your Productivity in 14 Days – increase your productivity

I am always looking for great articles to share.  If you see anything that should be included in the next edition of the Online Business Roundup, please email a link to fred@solobizcoach.com.

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