Welcome to the Online Business Roundup at SoloBizCoach.com.  This weekly roundup was created by scouring the web in order to bring you the best articles of the week in Business, Online Business, Blogging, SEO, Careers and Social Media.

Online Business, Business, Marketing, and Internet Marketing

How Writing a Book is Like Launching a Business – identifying your target audience is key

Warning: 7 Signs That You’re Living Someone Else’s Dream – learn how to regain control over your life

Freeing the Voice of Your Business – finding your voice online is so difficult

50 Simple But Highly Effective Email Marketing Tips – excellent tips to kickoff your email marketing

How Elite Retreat Helped Me Triple My Income – make the most of your valuable time

Are You Building a Tribe of a Community? – very thought provoking

Social Media, Blogging and Writing

Do Small Business Owners Need Social Media – interesting views on social media for small business

Why The Story You Must Tell Is Your Own – developing your story is very powerful

How to Launch a New Blog With (Already) High Search Traffic – great ideas to get traffic to a new blog

Twitter Rules Revisited – great insights on how to use Twitter

Let’s End the Debate of Triberr – if you want to join my Triberr tribe, send me an email.

I am always looking for great articles to share.  If you see anything that should be included in the next edition of the Online Business Roundup, please email a link to fred@solobizcoach.com.

photo by Sandy Reddig