Welcome to the Online Business Roundup at SoloBizCoach.com.  This roundup was created by scouring the web in order to bring you the best articles of the week in Business, Online Business, Internet Marketing, Blogging, Writing, Freedom and Social Media.

Online Business, Business, Marketing, and Internet Marketing

9 Tips For Maximizing Adsense Revenue – I love adsense as a way to monetize high CPC niches

Secret Sales Tips – I really like these tips.  They are great for small business owners.

3 Secrets to Staying Motivated in a Corporate Job – Great tips for staying motivated in your job. This is perfect for those building businesses on the side.

Social Media, Blogging and Writing

Video: How to write 1000 words  — can help amateur arbiters and those with writers block

Turning Pillar Content into Profitable Products – write great content and then turn it into products you can sell

Careers and Education

The Right Time to Quit Your Job – you really don’t want to burn bridges when you quit a job

Will College Bubble Burst From Public Subsidies – government college loans are hurting students by inflating tuition and drowning our students in debt

How Much is a College Degree Worth – interesting statistics

I am always looking for great articles to share.  If you see anything that should be included in the next edition of the Online Business Roundup, please email a link to fred@solobizcoach.com.

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