Yay! It’s Friday.  And, that means it is time for #FollowFriday.  This week’s must follow blogger is Marcus Sheridan from The Sales Lion.

Let me start out by sharing a recent story about Marcus.  This story epitomizes why you need to be following Marcus.

Earlier this week I sent him an email asking if I could chat with him about how he has built such a great community at The Sales Lion and whether he could share some tips with me. Immediately after sending him my email he responded that he would be happy to chat.

The next day Marcus shared over 45 minutes of his time talking to me about blogging and community building.  Marcus shared some great tips, and I was blown away by his generosity and ideas about blogging.

This is why you need to follow him on Twitter and subscribe to his site.  This guy gets engagement, community, blogging and business.

If you haven’t visited Marcus’ site before you will see that each of his blog posts generates a great conversation in the comments.  Take a look at his recent article on the Power of a Blogging Community.  That one post generated over 80 comments.

In just that one blog post, I also discovered a ton of other great people to follow.  That is why I love blogging.  For example, I discovered Ingrid Abboud and her awesome SuperPost Sunday Weekly Roundup (I love great link lists), Michael Brenner (a fellow Philly boy) and  his 8 Great Tips for Business Blogging, Brankica and her excellent Adsense guide, Mark Harai and his Twitter for Business Opportunities article, and Bryan Thompson and his great advice for living in community.

You should definitely follow those people too.  I am sure that they will be highlighted in future #FollowFriday editions here at SoloBizCoach.com.

But, back to Marcus.  Marcus has some great content at The Sales Lion.  Check out these articles:

These are just a few of Marcus’ most popular articles.  Go check out his site right now.

This post is part of my #FollowFriday series where I highlight people that you should be following.  I am always looking to connect with new people.  So, if you have any recommendations for future #FollowFriday people, please send me an email at fred@solobizcoach.com.