Hello SoloBiz fans.  It’s time for #FollowFriday.  And, this week I have an awesome person for you to follow – Farnoosh Brock from Prolific Living.

I wanted to feature Farnoosh today in celebration of her recent announcement that she left her corporate job and is now a full-time entrepreneur.  But, calling the article in the previous link merely an announcement doesn’t do justice to it.  In it, Farnoosh describes in wonderful detail her journey from happy, corporate worker to full-time entrepreneur.

For anyone who wants to become a full-time entrepreneur, this is an absolute must read article.  She outlines the emotions she experienced during her journey.

In addition to this great article, Farnoosh has been rocking it on Prolific Living.  Farnoosh’s mission is to pass on smart habits for rich living.

Most recently Farnoosh launched a travel book called The Fear Crushing Travel Guide.  She has a great video about the book here.

To wrap up this post let me point you to some of my favorite posts on Prolific Living.  These articles will give you a ton to read this weekend.  So enjoy!

Happy FollowFriday all!  And, don’t miss tomorrow’s Online Business Roundup.  Now go follow Farnoosh on Twitter and subscribe to Prolific Living.