Hello, my name is Fred and I am a career and business coach for individuals looking to start a business or improve their business.  I am flattered that you are here to get to know me a little better.

Solo Biz Coach Mission

My mission here is to help solo entrepreneurs create businesses that give them financial freedom and personal fulfillment.  I want to give you through the content on this site and through my coaching, practical business advice to help you to,

  • build a profitable business
  • create great products and services
  • design your business to fit your lifestyle and dreams
  • gain financial freedom so you don’t have to worry about being broke

Who am I?

As stated above, my name is Fred.  Since graduating law school in 2000, I have helped business people to raise money, to buy and sell businesses, and to grow their businesses.  In addition to my legal career, in 2007 I created an online business that I have grown into a great small business.  So, now I am a coach, lawyer, entrepreneur, blogger, Internet marketer, and rabid football fan.

Now, in addition to continuing to practice law and running an online business, I want to help you to build a business that meets you life goals and provides you with fulfillment. That is my goal for the Solo Biz Coach.

When I started my online business in 2007, I immediately fell in love with blogging.  I am fascinated by the medium and believe it presents one of the best ways to build a community of people with a common interest.  I want this site to become our community for talking about our passions and learning how to turn those passions into a full time income.

What is most important in my life?

First and foremost, I am the husband of the most wonderful wife in the World, a proud father of 3 beautiful children, and an entrepreneur addicted to blogging.

How did I get started as an entreprenuer?

I would love to tell you that I was a born entrepreneur, but the truth is I was not.  But, through a lot of hard work, I found my inner entrepreneur and built a great online business.

My online business started with a desire to earn $200 extra a month to give me a little “play” money above and beyond my salary.  However, once I started earning money from my side business, I become hooked.  I got the entrepreneur bug BIG TIME.

At first I built a hobby website about a video game that I was playing at the time, and from there I started learning everything I could about blogging, Internet marketing, social media, and marketing.  Now, after developing my systems and processes, my online business runs almost on autopilot through the joys of outsourcing.

What am I passionate about?

  • Helping people find fulfilling careers through my career coaching
  • Helping people to build small businesses that fit their desired life goals through my small business coaching
  • Writing about entrepreneurship and money
  • Speaking to small business owners and those looking to create a business
  • Reading historical fiction, Christian theology, and business books
  • Penn State Football (We Are…Penn State!!)
  • Philadelphia Eagles Football (Fly Eagles Fly!!)